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Stories at WYFC January 2017:

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Stories from Tim Finch – Padgate

“This year has been one of new opportunities and growth. Out of such a fruitful year what has certainly stood out as a highlight was our recent addition of a brand new school to work in. I felt early this year that kings academy in Woolston would be a great addition to the already large number of school we currently work in and provide us with even more opportunities in the area. And in Early July I was blessed with the school allowing me to come in and mentor a number of their students. Since starting there we have had calls from 5 sets of parents expressing their gratitude for the work we do in the school and the significant change in behaviour since we have been mentoring which is incredibly rare to have especially in the first 3 months. God has been blessing the school and is also blessing YFC with more opportunities in the coming year in the school. It’s amazing to see a dream I’ve had from the start of the year come to pass and we thank God for what has been and what is to come!”

– Tim Finch Padgate/ Woolston WYFC Worker

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