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Stories at WYFC from December 2017:

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Stories from Andy at Eden Latchford


“We love how God uses the team to reach the lost on the Westy estate. We connected with Bill, an 83 year old man a couple of weeks before last Christmas, we were delivering Christmas cards and invites to our church carol service to all our neighbours. We knocked on Bills door and he poured his heart out saying how lonely he is. We invited him for Christmas dinner as Bill was going to be eating chips and egg otherwise,  so we invited him for Christmas dinner. Bill didn’t show up so we took it to him. He greeted us on the doorstep with a tear in his eye saying when he went to bed the night before, he prayed he would never wake up again or God would bring someone into his life…..and we appeared on Christmas day with a hot meal. Since then we visit bill on a weekly basis. 5 weeks ago Bill made the decision to follow Jesus and make him Lord and saviour of his life he is now doing an alpha course. God is so good helping us reach out to Bill who is praying that God will bring a friend of a similar age in to his life and we stand with him in prayer. Bill has also experienced healing too, after praying one time God relieved him of severe arthritic pain enabling him to get to the shops that day. We want to see more salvations in Westy in the hope that one day we see revival.”

– Andy Campsall Eden Latchford WYFC Worker

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