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A Story of Transformation from Scott

“I have been speaking to a young person who at first wouldn’t speak to me about anything let alone Jesus, then I started to work more and more with him, I started to talk a little about my faith but he straight away shut the conversation down but I just kept showing him and telling him about the love of Jesus and how he has a plan for everyone. After a few months he started to ask more and more about why I believe in Jesus and what is a Christian so I kept sharing with him that Jesus is always there for us, He is a friend that will never let us down even when in life people let us down even our best friends, God is always there to catch us when we fall. His heart has now started to soften and because of that he has started coming along to my Fresh after school club and he brings his friends along too. It has been a great encouragement to me because this was a young person that was shut off and wouldn’t even speak to me but now has started to engage in different activities that I run. I pray and would love it if you would pray too that we start to see more young people that are shut off and want nothing to do with God or even the church people to have there hearts softened to really understanding the plans that Jesus has for them.”

– Scott Ireland

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