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A Story of Transformation from Sam

“Around 2 and a half years ago, shortly after I first started working at Birchwood Community High School, I met a girl who at the time was in Year 7, and seemed very happy and bubbly, but also a little different to many of the other kids in her year group. There were a few things that alerted me to this, but the first time that I started to realise what the difference was (or at least part of what was causing it) was when I invited her to one of our theme-park trips. Rather than the standard set of responses I’d become used to getting, she exclaimed “I really hope Susan lets me go”. Thinking it a slightly odd response, I asked who Susan was, and the girl calmly told me that Susan was her foster carer. I didn’t want to pry, so I didn’t push the subject any further, but it was apparently from other comments the girl made in later conversations that she’d had a rather tough upbringing, which had lead her to be in a very difficult family situation at this point.

My timetable meant that I didn’t see this girl particularly often, but I felt like God had really imprinted her on my heart, possibly as having been adopted myself, and later briefly finding myself in the care system again, I knew some of the emotions and confusion and emotional upheaval that go along with that. Nevertherless, my only real interactions with her seemed to be very brief chats in the playground, or over lunch, and I didn’t particularly seem to connect with her very often, but continued to pray for her whenever God brought her into my mind.

Fast Forward 2 years, and I bumped into the girl again. She was waiting to go to homework club in the classroom next door to the one where my Fresh group happens, and I mentioned to her what we were waiting for and what Fresh is about, and she agreed to come the next week if she’d managed to catch up on her homework.

This was around 6 months ago, and the girl has been regularly coming along to Fresh and to church, and while she’s still on a journey, she seems to genuinely believe that God loves her and cares about her, and seems to be learning and understanding the many ways that he’s been there for her through all of her family struggles and difficulties. She’s found a real sense of belonging in church, and prayerfully considering whether she feels ready to be baptised, along with some of the other teenagers who have made commitments and been coming to chuch regularly for the last year. Please pray for her, and all of the young people who have started coming along to Fresh and church over the past 18 months.”

– Sam Parnell

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