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A Story from Andy

“There’s nothing I love more than playing a mentoring role in my school. I see 30 students over 2 days,  between years 7 and 10 for various reasons from lack of confidence and self asteem, poor work rate in class, and sensitive issues such as bereavement.

I have to confess that I hated school when I was younger I said when I left in 1990 that Id never set foot in a school again, but God had a different plan, He probably laughed and thought ‘we’ll see about that’ when I said it.

Its a real honour and privilege to be a part of a school on the estate that I serve as an Eden Worker, I feel so blessed to have been accepted as part of the team of staff. I find my role really interesting working along side the Pastoral Team, The Chaplain and my friend John Darbyshire, who is the Independant Learning Co-ordinator, John has taught me everything I know with the students, its a pleasure to work with him and learn from him.

God has opened so many doors in the school and Im doing things I didnt think Id be doing, such as liasing with mission bands and seeing on two occasions over 400 kids respond to the gospel. Ive even had the privilege of praying not only with students but praying one to one with the Head, and Assistant Head Teachers.

Eden Latchford also runs a Community Cafe, a Youth Drop-in, and soon we will be running a project working with people with mental health issues on an allotment……. Im looking forward to using my green fingers once again.”

– Andy Campsall

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