Dom’s Year with WYFC

My Gap Year with Warrington Youth for Christ was an amazing year with many

adventures, challenges and miracles. I enjoyed every second that I could spend with the team, by working with them I`ve learned a lot of new stuff from everyday life, youth work, and I got my Bible knowledge deepened as well.

This year was defiantly an eye opening year I came to England because i didn`t know what to do with my life after I stepped out of school so I put this year in God`s hand so he`ll guide my steps and show me new things and wonders and He did!

The team`s compassion for helping young people in this town inspired me to do the same when I go back home.

I`ve changed a lot through this year in September I could never imagine myself doing assemblies and lessons in schools, playing music in front of people and preaching but I did all these and I am so happy i did. God worked hard to teach me new things and i can`t be thankful enough for that.

My two highlights would be the Higher Tour when Lz7 and Twelve24 came to our schools. Seeing the young people`s faces being so happy on those lessons were priceless. The Manchester concerts were amazing as well.

Drayton-10My other highlight would be Big Church Day out. That weekend was full with worship, and making new friends.  I will never forget it (I might get my friends to go with me every year for now).

My Gap Year team was awesome as well. Working and be with Hannah and Paige was fun all the time. They got me dressed up as Santa and made me dance in front of hundreds of kids in assemblies…cheeky that… but it was fun though.

This journey with Warrington Youth for Christ will always be part of me and I will never forget my new friends who became family by the end of the year.

Thank You WYFC for having me in the UK God bless you!

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